Hey, I'm Kuldeep Parmar

Keep it simple, stupid.
simple != easy

Basic Backup With Clonezilla: Part-I(Backup)

I like to try out new things and experiment with my systems quite a lot, and because of that, sometimes things break or don’t quite work as expected. Sometimes it’s a compatibility issue or because I messed up something. And that has sometimes cost me a lot of unnecessary effort and time. I mostly never have to worry about most of my data, as I keep backups for most of it, or they are on cloud storage that I keep in sync with my local storage.

Ventoy: A Great Utility for Bootable Media

I distro-hop quite a lot, sometimes to check out the new features of a distro and get a little feel for it, other times just to check the compatibility of different pieces of software. For these reasons, I might stay with a distribution for a long period of time or just for a few things here and there, but no matter the reason, I need to create a bootable media from the respected ISO files and burn them to a USB and so on, and I have to do it every time I want to change the distro for some reason I need a bootable media.

Build Cloudflare Pages Stack Weather App

It’s been more than a year since I’ve started working with typescript and the Node ecosystem, and throughout I have not written a single line of frontend code, Which I think is strange for some folks since I get asked about most things related to frontend, and they are surprised when I say I don’t know ReAcT. So I decided to change that and take a look at the frontend world.

Hello World

Welcome friend! I intend use this site as a playground to experiments and share my thoughts on various topics and thing I fine interesting. Or just a dumping ground for my thoughts. You can have more context about me here. What is this site?This site is powered by Hugo and it’s using DoIt Theme with some extra customization and shortcodes here and there. Hosted on cloudflare pages alongside github pages. I’m using Github Actions to build and some other related stuff here and there.