Hi, I’m Parmar Kuldeep, and I like to go with coldter or kicksss online. I’m a bachelor in CS and IT from India. I write code for fun and, unfortunately, for a living as well. Furthermore, I like to explore anything and everything that piques my interests and always end up mesmerized by how vastly things are connected, along with some of their problems, and how divested yet resolute they can be. I consider myself a lone wolf, but I do understand the importance of teamwork.

Now, I don’t like the term “H4cker” but like consider myself one, not for the skill, though (still have a loooooong way to go), but ‘cuz I like to tinker with thing sometimes until I understand them, whether it’s os, a piece of code, or a life object. And yeah! Sometimes I just give up because sh*t gets way too complex to fit in my brain.

  • Music:
    • Whatever suits my mood, but likes lo-fi and tolerate chip-tune. Currently, listening::
    • On Spotify
  • Sports:
    • I like cricket.
    • Tho, I’m a pro at doge ball.
    • Started to develop a little interest in F1.
  • Books:
    • Not a big bookworm, but likes little articles and stuff.
    • Other than that, I prefer audiobooks.
  • Movies/TV: What I watch most are anime, Asian series/films and, in addition, science fiction films.
  • Languages:
    • English: Has somewhat proficiency in English, good at reading technical articles but not so good at writing.
    • Gujarati: Native language; still bad at it, though.
  • Programming Languages:
    • Javascript/Typescript: Currently my mainstay and also the one I’m most familiar with.
    • Python: Have worked with it in the past and can pick it up again easily.
    • Go: Learning, quite liking its simplicity and power, might become my mainstay in the future.
    • Shell: Don’t like it, don’t hate it; don’t have to, but it gets the job done.
    • Some other languages I have used/learn but have been abandoned: Php,Java,C#
  • Technologies of Interest:
    • Linux, Git, Docker, Aws, GithubActions, CD/Ci, Mysql, Postgres, Deno, Nodejs, Bun, MongoDB, Redis, Nginx, Websockets, Socket.io, and more…
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“For me, blog is first of all a knowledge management tool, followed by a communication tool. All my articles are meant to be just a knowledge base for myself and maybe for others. I mainly write about thing I’ve not mastered or fully understand yet, so take my writing somewhat critically Showing off has never been my motivation.”

The main topics here would be cybersecurity, FOSS (Free Open Source Software), self-hosting, and online privacy. Occasionally, I might write about other things that may interest me.


The Internet is vast, and this website is in a corner. And if you are here and not a crawler, then thank you for reading, and even if u r then thank you for your hard work, you have just wasted some watts and increased emissions for no reason.

The content in this blog is only my opinion, I can only try to reduce errors and omissions, but I can not guarantee the correctness of the content all the time!

So please look at anything in this blog critically.

In addition, many of the pictures/banners used on this site are from the Internet. If there are any infringements, please contact me to delete them.