Hello World

Welcome friend! I intend use this site as a playground to experiments and share my thoughts on various topics and thing I fine interesting. Or just a dumping ground for my thoughts. You can have more context about me here.

This site is powered by Hugo and it’s using DoIt Theme with some extra customization and shortcodes here and there. Hosted on cloudflare pages alongside github pages. I’m using Github Actions to build and some other related stuff here and there.

Screenshot from web.dev/measure

I’m not a designer I don’t have interest nor time to make every corner of my website look at the way I want, So have to rely on others ideas and work which are ok compromise for me. There comes a another problem which platform to choose, As there are a tons and tons of solutions out there from billion CMS or headlessCMS and what not…

I’ve some experience with could-hosted wordpress sites but it has far too many issues to be a viable self-hosted solution, both for speed and security reasons.

I tried many thing from free not paid, most of theme were too overkill for my usage and other ones were straight up garbage or overprice for my usage, And I kinda don’t wanted to pay for something too small of a use case or something that I might just abandon in future. In some of the thing I tried I really liked Ghost and it’s simplicity and speed, and it’s open source which is a plus. But it’s too much of an hassle to setup and maintain and again I don’t want to pay for service.

Hugo Logo

There comes static site generators like hugo comes into the picture, there are many ssg out there like Jekyll, Eleventy with there own ecosystem of themes and development.

I’ve tried some of them and I have to say hugo is fasssttt you can generate pages at a blazing pace, with build times often under one second. And it has fairly large community around it, and I’m kinda go nerd now, so for me it’s a win-win. And most people I follow uses hugo for their blog, that way I can get little reference here and there from them.

As I said, I just wanted that works and for me markdown is the way to go, SSG are perfect for this kind of use case. And all of the content of this site is open source and available on github.

In this site, I intend too mostly focus on Cybersecurity, Free Open Source Software, and privacy guides or general stuff. You can expect writeups, guides, advices, and stuff about my personal projects.

I intend to write less filler text and more content as I learn. Hope you’ll enjoy them.